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Notebook Data Recovery services is a fully equipped lab for all your data recovery needs. No matter how you lose you data, we at notebook data recovery services can help you get your precious data back. We have successfully recovered data from memory storage devices using any operating system including but not limited to Windows X, Linux, Unix, Novell etc.The following are the few of the services, we provide:

  1. Hard Drive Data Recovery
  2. Raid Data Recovery
  3. Tape Data Recovery
  4. External Drive Recovery
  5. Corrupted File Recovery
  6. Forensic Service

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Notebook Data Recovery specialized in disk data recovery. Our first step in data recovery process is to analyze hard disk in our labs to pinpoint the problem with the disk drive. Disk drive data loss problem can be divided into two major categories which are described as follows

  • Logical Problem

  • Corrupted File System
  • Virus Attack
  • Corrupted File Allocation Table
  • Corrupted Master File Table
  • Formatted Disk Drive etc.
  • Super Block Corruption
  • Physical Problems

  • Electrical Failure
  • Damaged Heads
  • Dropped Drives
  • Water Damaged Drives
  • Clicking noise
  • Bad sectors

You can easily find out if your hard disk drive is experiencing any problem. A very common sign is an unusual sound such as grinding, clicking, scratching etc. This means either your disk drive is failed or is about to fail. You need to take special care at this point. Sometimes, the disk drive will give you some time to back up your data. Please take is seriously and back up your data as soon as possible.

In some case, the Bios does not recognizes the disk drive. This is another example of physical damage to hard drive. Please do not keep trying rebooting you computer as this will further damage the hard disk drive.

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Disk data recovery is a very complex process, which requires experienced Disk Data Recovery Technicians and specially designed software tools to recover data. We at Notebook Data Recovery Services possess the both. Our highly experienced disk data recovery staff is equipped with state of the art software tools specially designed to work for disk data recovery. Raid Data Recovery:

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