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Notebook Data Recovery promises to provide utmost security during and after the data recovery process. Your data will not released to anyone in the data recovery process. As data lost is very sensitive and its release can be very damaging to an individual as well as to a big organization. Recovery experts make sure that your data is treated as a sensitive material. We have signed non disclosure agreements at the client’s request. If you want us to write a non-disclosure agreement for your data, you will be provided with the agreement.

Data recovery process is conducted in class 100 clean room technology labs to ensure the perfect recovery of lost data files. Environment of labs is managed and monitored, and modern data restore tools are used for recovery of lost data.

Complete recovery is done in two phases. First phase is concerned with diagnosis of the damaged media while second involves the actual process of recovering data. Data recovery professionals perform a comprehensive evaluation process on the damaged media and generate a report. Final data recovery process is done on the basis of the report . Probability of recovery of files after format is very high and recovery is possible from all operating system and we specialize in recovery of data from windows.

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