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Tape Data Recovery

We use advanced data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from all types of tapes. We also provide services to do data conversion between different operating system and media types. We specialize in the media types like

  • ape - 4mm DAT (DDS, DDS-2, DDS-3 )
  • Tape - 8mm ( 112m - 160m Tapes)
  • Tape - DLT III - DLT IV up to 80Gb
  • Tape - A I T up to 50 GB
  • Iomega Ditto
  • ADR
  • Travan
  • QIC Cartridges
  • LTO
  • Super DLT and many others

  • We have successfully recovered data from various cases like
  • Tapes immersed water
  • Snapped or burnt tapes
  • Tapes damaged by chemicals
  • smoke Intentional or accidental physical damage
  • Software problems or backup failures
  • Overwritten tapes including DLT And more
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